Authorized User accounts – do they increase your credit score?

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1 on July 29, 2019

If my spouse adds me as an authorized user to their account, will it improve my credit score?

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0 on July 29, 2019

Authorized User accounts can increase your credit scores. To answer your question regarding your husband’s account – possibly. It depends on a few things:

1.) If the card has low utilization (at least below 30%)
2.) If the card is free from late payments
3.) If combined with the information on your credit report, it’s signifiant enough (for example – if you already have 10 credit cards with high utilization, a $3,000 card with a couple years of history won’t do much).
4.) If you don’t have negatives such as collections, charge-offs, or late payments within the past six months. 

Best of luck!

Cory Miller (321-799-6159) 

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